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Govena Lighting S.A. has been established for almost 10 years. We are a leading manufacturer of electronics, a contractor of services commissioned to us, and a supplier of finished and semi-finished products. We work with lighting-industry customers, manufacturers of electricity meters and cash registers, and with many power-industry customers.

The chief assets of Govena Lighting S.A. are the very-high quality of the products offered, the flexibility to meet customer requirements, short lead times, and the location of the Company’s headquarters in the European Union, allowing fast response to orders. As we have our own research-and-development department, a modern and automated machine park, and many years of experience in the electronics industry, we are able to meet the most-sophisticated customer requirements.

Our Company provides our clients with tailor-made electronics. We create innovative technologies suited to our – and their – customers’ needs. We are proud that our clients are large Polish, foreign and international corporations.

Customer satisfaction is for us the most-important yardstick of the Company’s success.