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This LED dimmer is available in four versions:


STANDARD – controlled with a potentiometer, with leading-edge characteristics (the PRO-100-LED model):

  • Control by means of a rotary potentiometer,
  • Leading-edge phase dimmer, which cuts out the leading edge of the supply-voltage sinusoid,
  • PUSH-PUSH switching on,
  • Connects to LED lamps from 3W,
  • Silent operation regardless of the type of load,
  • Special circuit to reduce the current pulse,
  • Soft start, gentle switching on of light sources,
  • Returnable thermal, overload and short-circuit protections.


PREMIUM – potentiometer-controlled with optional micro switch (the PRO-100-L/T model):

  • Expanded version of the PRO-100-LED dimmer, additionally equipped with these options – adjustment of the minimum, – adjustment of the maximum, – changing the operating mode from leading-edge to trailing-edge (change from cutting out the leading edge of the sinusoid to cutting out its trailing edge), – option to revert to factory settings These options are triggered by sequentially pressing the micro switch and controlling the potentiometer.


LUX – touch control and IR remote control with optional micro switch (the PROI-100-L/T model):

    • An enhanced version of the PRO-100-L/T dimmer,
    • Touch or IR-controlled by any infra-red remote control – a special simple procedure to program any randomly selected button. It is also possible to use a factory YRC8 remote dedicated to dimmers.



Technical parameters

Supply voltage Output power Electromagnetic compatibility Safety of use Dimensions


Diameter of the mounting box (mm) Weight (g)
230V ± 10% 50Hz LED: 3W-100W

Bulbs: 10W-250W

Govena DIMM 15W: 1-4 pcs

EN 55015 EN 60669-2-1 71 x 71 x 29 60 71


Lighting dimmers are intended to operate with the following types of light source:

  • dimmable LED lamps
  • LEDs connected to dimmable CC* power supply
  • traditional bulbs
  • halogen bulbs 230V
  • halogen bulbs 12V connected to dimmable electronic transformer*
  • Govena DIMM energy-saving fluorescent lamps

* recommended Govena products

Dimmable LED lamps and dimmable energy-saving fluorescent lamps generate high-current pulses when working with a dimmer set in L mode (leading edge).

Depending on the design and rated power of these lamps, the maximum dimmer load may vary.


List of recommended LED lamps compatible with the above-mentioned dimmers


Osram LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD Kanlux Kanlux Osram


Model PAR16 AA44088 P45 TRO-4024-00 LED COB PRODIM GU10-7,5W-WW/NW/CW A60 AA66582 SP30LW-18-25D-827-03-S3
Lamp power 3W 5.5W 7W 7.5W 10W 18.5W
AC supply voltage 220-240V
Current 16mA 45mA 39mA 38mA 45mA 90mA
Hz 50/60 Hz


Controlled by momentary switch (PRO-DP-105-LED)


  • dimmer with leading edge phase control
  • suitable for installation in a deep mounting box or lamp’s fixtures
  • controlled by external momentary switches in parallel operation
  • very low minimum power – 8W
  • soft start
  • last setting memory
  • self resetting protections: over load, over temperature, short circuit


Technical parameters

Supply voltage 230V ± 10% 50Hz
8-105W (LED)
Electromagnetic compatibility
EN 55015
Safety EN 60669-2-1
Dimensions 54,5×21,5mm
Diameter of mounting box 60mm



Dimmer is dedicated to work with following light sources:

  • dimmable LED lamps
  • incandescent bulbs
  • halogen lamps 230V


Recommended LED lamp type:

Product Lamp power
Current Freq.
Kanlux PRODIM GU10-7,5W-WW/NW/CW 7,5 W 220-240 V 38 mA 50/60 Hz

Dimmable LED lamps generate high pulsed currents, when they are operated in the leading edge phase control.
Depending on the design and power rating of these lamps, the connected load of the specified values could vary.