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An additional area of our business is providing services in the field of product design and SMT and THT installations for third-party customers.

Our main assets

  • Extensive experience in the design, implementation and manufacture of electronic products,
  • Modern technological lines ensuring the high quality of our manufactured products,
  • An implemented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
  • Short lead times for small and large production batches,
  • Qualified and experienced staff,
  • of the capacity to fulfil orders using entrusted components or by purchasing components on ourselves,
  • Attractive installation prices

We develop and manufacture electronic products for domestic and foreign customers.


Govena Lighting offers comprehensive services

  • PCB designing according to customers’ documentation
  • SMT and THT installation
  • Lead-free reflow soldering and wave soldering
  • Testing with ICT testers
  • Design and manufacture of functional testers according to customer requirements
  • Creating software for processors following individual customer requirements
  • The capability of the assembly of final products,
  • Products packed in cardboard boxes, PET film, heat-shrinkable film

Equipment and processes

  1. Altium Designer – state-of-the-art system assisting the design of PCB’s, providing a complete, unified environment for the entire design proces.
  2. State-of-the-art testing and measurement equipment



FUJI automatic machine

  • CP6E, CP643E 
    Output: 40,000 el/h
    PCB size: max. 457x356mm
    Components: 0603 – PLCC44


  • CP IP II
    Efficiency 0.7sec/chip
    2.8sec/IC 4.0 sec/component from the tray
    Components: 0603 – 74x74mm
    PCB size: max. 457x356mm
    Vibration feeders and tray stations.


  • NXT (6 modules)
    Total efficiency: 35.000 el/h
    PCB size: max. 508x356mm
    Components: 0402 – 74x74mm

120 feeders with 8mm-wide strip can be plugged into our automatic unit consisting of 6 M3 modules.


  • ELECTROVERT’s OmniFlex 7 oven
    Min./max. width of the transport guide rails: 50.8mm / 508mm PCB support with height adjustment.
    7 heating zones and 2 cooling zones.
    Max. operating temperature: 350ºC


  • MPM Momentum printer
    Maximum printing area: 609.6 x 508mm
    Printing speed up to 305mm/sec. Template size: 737 x 737mm

The above devices are configured into complete assembly lines


  • Assembly
  • Wave soldering


ICT test

  • Testers
  • Test fixtures and programs developed by own test department or transferred from customers.