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Touch dimmers – the PROT series

Govena dimmers enable seamless adjustment of illumination power. They are produced as OEM and Govena-branded modules for customers, as well as finished product, so-called “Metal Line”.


  • Touch-controlled,
  • Microprocessor control,
  • Control power device: insulated gate bipolar transistor,
  • Dedicated for use with different types of load: conventional incandescent, 230V halogen, and low-voltage halogen with an electronic or toroidal transformer,



  • Energy savings of about 40% thanks to the capability to adjust the brightness of the light,
  • soft start definitely extending the life of light sources,
  • High efficiency – low losses,


  • returnable protection (resumes normal operation after the cause disappears): short-circuit, overvoltage, overload and thermal,
  • microprocessor-controlled three-stage overload protection,
  • after exceeding 200% of rated load the device is switched off immediately,

Convenience of use

  • memory of the recent setting of the lighting level,
  • the capability to connect into a two-way switch and intermediate systems
  • operability in a two-way system with control modules PROS 1 (see user’s guide).


Technical parameters

Model Supply voltage Output power Interference Safety of use Microprocessor-controlled current limitation Microprocessor-controlled thermal limitation Dimensions [mm] For assembly in boxes

230 V ± 10%


40 – 400W EN 55015 EN 60669-2-1 3.0A 105° C 49 x 36 x 23 Ø 60
PROT600 40 – 600W 4.0A

We can also make PROT and PROI dimmers with software which performs many additional functions, e.g.

  • “economy” – switches off after the set operating time
  • “security” – simulates which household members are inside, periodic automatic operation,
  • “nursery” – gradual “putting to sleep” – dimming down for up to one hour.