YT transformers

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YT transformers

Transformers are dedicated to working with, among other things, low-voltage halogen lamps. They operate in the full range of power from 0W to a nominal value and no minimum load is required for proper operation. This functionality is ensured by a state-of-the-art method of load matching, and gives the user great flexibility when it comes to the type and number of lights connected to the electronic transformer. Other electronic transformers always have a minimum load value, which imposes a minimum number of lights, below which the system will no longer function properly.

Transformers can also be successfully used to energise 12V LED lamps if the lamp manufacturer ensures correct operation with electronic transformers.

The design of transformers allows you to

  • connect at any load e.g. 1W in the event of using light-emitting diodes*
  • operate with lighting dimmers – both leading-edge (TRIAC) and trailing-edge (transistor)
  • adjust the light intensity within the full range from 0% to 100%,
  • connect many transformers to a single dimmer
  • enjoy a doubled life of halogen lamps, which is possible with a precisely set supply voltage of 11.5V. Unlike conventional transformers, Govena transformers are free from drawbacks, such as output-voltage spread and current surge when switching on.
  • reduced energy consumption – high efficiency (95%) results in minimum energy loss and thus lower energy consumption
  • connection to a single 4 mm2 cable terminal
  • installation in recessed structures with an undetermined flammability classification  of the base, e.g. furniture
  • instant installation without additional materials.

 *Observe the recommendations of the light-source manufacturer due to the nature of the AC output voltage at a frequency of approx. 30kHz

All types of transformers are equipped with

  • short-circuit protection
  • overload protection (load > 200% Pn)
  • surge protection
  • returnable thermal protection (switch-off temp. 100°C).

These protection devices do not damage the system (they turn it off automatically) and when abnormal conditions no longer exist, the electronic transformer will function properly (it switches on automatically). This guarantees a completely failure-free operation.

Quality and safety guarantee

  • Each item is tested before being sent to the customer
  • Non-flammable casing successfully used in the furniture industry and utility spaces
  • Insulated terminals
  • Galvanic separation.

Convenience of use

  • Rapid assembly with screws installed in the casing
  • Small size and weight
  • Quiet operation



 Technical parameters

  YT 50 YT 60 YT 70-high YT 105-high YT 150 YT 210 YT 250
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Input voltage 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz 230V ±10% /50 Hz
Input current 0.22 A for 50 W 0.27 A for 60 W 0.35 A for 70 W 0.45 A for 105 W 0.65 A for 150 W 0.93 A for 210 W 1.1 A for 250 W
Power range 50 VA; 0–50 W 60 VA; 0-60 W 70 VA; 0-70 W 105 VA; 0-105 W 150 VA; 0-150 W 210 VA; 0-210 W 250 VA; 0-250 W
Output voltage max. 11,5 V 4.3A max. 11,5 V 5A max. 11,5 V 6.5 A max. 11,5 V 9.5 A max. 11,5 V 13 A max. 11,5 V 18 A max. 11,5 V 22 A
Power factor > 0.99 > 0.99 > 0.99 > 0.99 > 0.99 > 0.99 > 0.99
Ambient temperature range 0–40°C 0–40°C 0–40°C 0–40°C 0–40°C 0–40°C 0–40°C
Safety classification II II II II II
Design of the transformer SELV SELV SELV SELV SELV SELV SELV
Casing type EC 05 EC 05 EC 10 EC 10 EC 20 EC 30 EC 30
Number of input terminals cable 2 x 0.5 mm2 cable 2 x 0.5 mm2 2 2 4 4 4
Number of output terminals 2 cables 2 x 1 mm2 2 cables 2 x 1 mm2 2 4 6 6 6
Weight 75 g 75 g 115 g 120 g 235 g 285 g 285 g
Casing ingress protection classification IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40
Casing dimensions 73x36x25mm 73x36x25mm 118x37x35mm 118x37x35mm 174x54x33mm 174x54x39mm 174x54x39mm

It is not allowed to switch between the electronic transformer and the light source.

LED sources can be energised with YT transformers

Recommended loads:

Type of Govena YT transformer

Maximum load per one

AC electronic transformer

Use of LED AC/DC lamps/luminaires (ATTENTION!)

YT50/YT60 20 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7,0W LED lamps – quantity x 3)


30 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7.0W LED lamps – quantity x4)

YT105 40 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7.0W LED lamps – quantity x5)


70 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7.0W LED lamps – quantity x10)

YT210 100 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7.0W LED lamps – quantity x14)


120 W

(e.g. MR16/12V/GU5.3/7.0W LED lamps – quantity x17)

The manufacturer of LED sources should provide information on the capability of energising LED sources directly from the transformer; otherwise it is necessary to use the KYT50 converter or use the TE electronic transformer.