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LED light sources require a very-stable supply voltage generated by a power supply dedicated to such sources. In addition, the high durability of LED’s is possible only when they are properly energised.

Available power ranges from 6W to 60W.


  • 100% of products tested at full load
  • High power factor, up to PF>0.95
  • Efficiency of more than 86%
  • No-load power consumption <0.26W
  • Very-low starting current
  • Available with IP20, IP40, IP64
  • Convenience of use
  • Compact size of power supplies, e.g. enclosure height of only 13 mm (the SLIM model)
  • Innovative design – exceptional reliability and versatility
  • We place great emphasis on meeting the stringent requirements of ErP
  • Safety:

Returnable protections – the electronic system protects against damage in the event of overheating, short-circuits, interruptions, or overloads at the output of power supply

The capability of installation in structures with an undetermined flammability classification

– Govena power supplies do not emit radio waves which would interfere with mains. They are also resistant to electrostatic discharges, Radio frequency and mains frequency electromagnetic fields – Full compliance of power supplies with the European requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and safety

– The safety and high quality of the product is of paramount importance to us

Technical parameters

Product photo Product code Output voltage Output current Permissible operating ambient temperature Dimensions


IP classification User’s guide
  Z-LED-6W-12CV-SLIM 12VDC Max. 500mA From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20  
  Z-LED-8.4W-24CV-SLIM 24VDC Max. 350mA From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20  
  Z-LED-10W-10CV 10VDC Max. 1A From -10 to +40°C 71.5x35x23.45 40   
  Z-LED-12W-12CV 12VDC Max. 1A From -20 to +40°C 71.5x35x23.45 40   
  Z-LED-12W-12CV-SLIM 12VDC Max. 1A From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20   
  Z-LED-12W-24CV-SLIM 24VDC Max. 500mA From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20   
  Z-LED-15W-12CV-SLIM 12VDC Max. 1.25A From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20   
  Z-LED-15W-24CV-SLIM 24VDC Max. 630mA From -20 to +50°C 120x50x13 20   
  Z-LED-30W-12CV-IP20 12VDC Max. 2.5A From -20 to +40°C 126x42x32 20   
  Z-LED-30W-24CV-IP20 24VDC Max. 1.25A From -20 to +40°C 126x42x32 20  
  Z-LED-30W-12CV-F-IP64 12VDC Max. 2.5A From -20 to +40°C 146x54x26 64   
  Z-LED-30W-24CV-F-IP64 24VDC Max. 1.25A From -20 to +40°C 146x54x26 64   
  Z-LED-50W-12CV-IP40 12VDC Max. 4.2A From -20 to +40°C 173x54x38 40   
  Z-LED-50W-24CV-F-IP40 24VDC Max. 2.1A From -20 to +40°C 146x54x26 40   
  Z-LED-60W-12CV-IP40 12VDC Max. 5A From -20 to +40°C 173x54x38 40   


There is an option to modify the parameters of the power supplies to meet individual customer needs.